Portable Track SOP

Portable Track Safe Operating Procedures.

In addition to the track operating procedures given in paragraph 3 the following rules apply when operating the portable track away from the society club site.

All owners/drivers of any steam locomotive operating on the portable track at a public function must have with them a current set of boiler certificates pertaining to their locomotive at all times. This is an insurance requirement.

The portable track must be set up for maximum stability, especially in the transverse direction. The track joining pins must be fully home, with the bent ends flat to the steel angles.

The station platform must be set up to give minimum working clearance to minimise the risk of tipping.

The braked guard’s truck to form the last carriage of the train. The guard must use the brake appropriately to assist the driver as necessary, particularly when the train is reversing or in any emergency. The guard should be seated sideways so that he can see the direction of travel.

Suitable fire extinguishing equipment must be readily available and the crew must be familiar with its operation.