Joining Track SOP

Safe Operating Procedure For Joining or Leaving The Fixed Track at the Steaming Bays.

To use the signals all driving trucks must be fitted with a means of making an electrical contact, between the pickup plates fixed central to the 5” rails and to the running wheels when they pass over them. The most common way is a spring hanging down central to the 5” running rails at least 2” long and ¼” below the top of the rail when the driver is sitting on the truck..


To Join The Elevated Track.

Have loco on transporter ready to run but clear of the track.
The track light at the approach to the steaming bay will show red.


When there is no train approaching station section and no train is leaving the transporter section. The light labelled “Press when lit to go on” will come on at the control box at the end of the steaming bay. Press the button below the light.


When it is safe to join the track the transporter signal will show two white lights indicating the direction of travel. If the track is not clear you will not get two white lights. Always look as well.

Push loco over and on to track, couple driving truck and passengers cars. Move transporter clear of track and drive away. When you pass out of the transporter section signals will reset.

To leave the Elevated Track.

Pass the track signal. This will show red behind you.
Stop at transporter signal and press “Come Off Button”, under the signal, the signal will then show two white lights and lock the track signal behind at red.

Remove driving truck and passengers cars clear of track. Load loco on to transporter and push clear of track.
Check running track is clear then press, “After Coming Off” button, on the control box at the end of the steaming bays.Transporter signal will go to red and track signal will go to green.