Lifting Track Pedestrian Crossing

Safe Operating Procedure for the Lifting Elevated Track Pedestrian Crossing.


When members of the public are present and trains are running on the elevated track, access to the centre of the circuit and small gauge track is via the lifting portion of track near the station. Control and operation of the crossing will be in accordance with rules 5.2 to 5.10 given below.

The direction of operation shall be clockwise.

A crossing keeper shall be appointed to operate the lifting section.

Any approaching train should be allowed through the station.

Assess the position of other approaching trains. When it is safe to do so move the switch on the post adjacent to the lifting section to automatic. This will set the signal to red. A Stop board, available from the station store, must be placed on the rail track.

Ensure that the driver has seen the signal.

Remove the locking pin, lift the rail and place the yellow pin in the hole in the sleeper. Allow passage of pedestrians.

Replace the lifting section; replace the locking pin ensuring that the yellow pin is hanging freely below the track. Check that the line is safe to use.

Remove the stop sign and reset the signal switch.

Signal to the driver to proceed if the station signal is green.


NOTE: – A printed set of these instructions is available in the station for the use of the crossing keeper.